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Struggled to write the essay assignments

However, being a student, I had to complete other assignments and study for the class quizzes, as well. So, I decided to explore a little easier medium of learning and searched the qualities of a good essay writer, using internet service. I was able to find a number of tips, tricks, and skills and practiced hard to master them. 

If you are also struggling with your essay writing assignments, do not worry and go through the next section to learn the qualities which can help you to become a good essay writer.

1. Engage the Readers

One of the most important qualities of an essay writer is that he/she engages the readers in the essay. The essay is presented in an interesting and engaging manner, which motivates the readers to explore the next part. So you should also try to present the details or story in an interesting manner. Try to check if you would be able to keep reading and it would help you to include the innovations to impress the readers.

2. Present the Factual Data

Another important part of a good essay is that it is based on the actual information and factual data and not just on some supposed information. For example, if you are writing about the impacts of marijuana, try to explore the actual research in the field, instead of claiming that use of marijuana improves the heart rate of the patients suffering from the heart diseases. If your essay is based on the factual and wrong information, it would not be able to earn good scores.

3. Present Clear Picture

Another important thing to keep in mind, while writing an essay, is to present a clear picture to the readers. For example, if you are writing an autobiography of some person. Try to present the details about time and place of birth, early education and the circumstances that shaped the life of that person, instead of just explaining the works and death of that particular person.

4. Avoid Repetition
The most important part of the good essay is the smooth transition of information. Most of the times, students are not clear in their ideas, which is actually due to lack of research. They keep repeating the same information, which creates a very dull and boring impression of their essay. So, when you decide to write about any topic, complete the research and gather enough points to write my essay good. Avoid repetition and grammatical issues as well.

5. Edit and Proofread
The final and another most important part of the essay writing is editing and proofreading. Editing and proofreading is the most dreadful task for most of the students. However, they need to acknowledge the fact that being human, we are prone to make mistakes. On the other hand, we also hold the authority and skill of correcting our mistakes. So, students should always edit and proofread their writings, in order to avoid any left out mistakes, which would help them ensure their better grades.

I hope you would have been able to learn how you can make your essay good, and get better grades.


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